Low Impact Healthy Training Programme:

We have prepared the following programme for you to obtain all the benefits of low impact training:


Exercise stress test.

We have already mentioned the importance of this test as a fundamental tool to enable you to plan your training based on your fitness level and the proposed objectives.

The cost of this test can vary depending on several factors. It can range from €95 for the simplest test, up to €250 for more complete tests (including an ECG, spirometry, cardiac echo, blood tests etc.).

It is a valuable investment in your health, allowing you to avoid surprises, plus it will be very useful for making the most of your effort in the time given, for sports nutrition and more.

The exercise stress test should be preceded by a health check so that the test can be programmed correctly.

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Choose a type of exercise that you enjoy.

If you don’t enjoy exercise, you will find a thousand excuses not to do it. To avoid this:

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of exercise. On the contrary, you can combine different disciplines that complement each other to train different muscle groups (combining resistance training with strength training for instance) or you can try a type of exercise that is as complete as possible such as Nordic Walking, which we will explain more about further on.

Always choose exercise that has a low impact on your joints (exercise should form part of our lives forever) and don’t forget to listen to your body: your body knows when it needs rest or a change of tack.

If possible, make sure your training is accessible. This means that it doesn’t require long journeys to get to the training site, or it doesn’t require a major investment in equipment or training on your part (unless you can afford it of course). The fewer the barriers, the more accessible it will be for you and the more often you will train.

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Establish healthy training thresholds.

Every individual should establish healthy training thresholds based on the exercise stress test. To do so, once your profile has been established, the values from the test are associated with indicators (such as the maximum heart rate) that are easy to measure later on, and training is planned bearing in mind the type of main type of metabolism involved based on the type of training chosen (aerobic/anaerobic)


Complement your training with the right nutrition.

For your training to be effective, you need to take into account your nutritional needs before, during and after training, paying particular attention to hydration, minerals (especially sodium), and the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids consumed. Proper nutritional planning that serves the needs of the type of exercise makes a huge difference in terms of performance.

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Pay attention to your digestive system.

The main complaints suffered by sportspeople, especially those who do endurance sports (runners, cyclists, ultra-long-distance walkers etc.) are related to the stomach and intestinal tract. Being aware of these needs, as well as their connection with the central and autonomic nervous systems, is key to preventing these complaints from standing in the way of enjoyment of sports.

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